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Title of my work ‘charlie’ *

Duration of performance ‘charlie’ 45’ minutes approximately

Is it possible for a work of art to upset the establishment?

My work ‘charlie’ based on those questions that are raised by the position of the artist in contemporary society, his part in it and the power of his work regarding his audience.

The transgressive artist like the clown ‘play a number of roles: voice of conscience, social commentator and truth teller’, from such an artist society ‘demands’ and ‘expects, to touch the bizarre, to step over limits, to be obscene, blasphemous, even idiot in his efforts to express his ideas.

Everything is tolerable and everything is permissible. He does not run the risk to be accused of his behaviour, just as another clown, since ‘the implication throughout has been that the criminal law should play no part in the regulation of art’

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Such an artist is found to be ‘on the edge’. He provokes common sense with his art and just like clown he is ‘allowed, indeed expected to break the boundaries of social acceptance’. He chooses radical forms of art as his medium of expression, of satire and merciless criticism of the orderly society. His art appears as a taboo-breaker work, threatens good taste, political order and reason itself’.

Transgressive artist work, shocks but it does not remind anything more than the clown who chases scenes and comic violence with extreme but temporary result, since the ‘shock’ is temporary and hard to repeat.

Nothing looses its power more quickly than shock!.             

In my performance ‘charlie’ I am embroidering the word ART on my left wrist with 3 primary colours of Painting (red, blue, yellow) in my try to manage a comment on aestheticism of art. I decided my wrist as reminding a commitment of suicide, indicating my passion for my art and at the same time my despair of it. I ending up sewing jester’s bells on my palm and my feet    

* The origins of my work’s title ‘charlie’ came from Europe, is been used to describe the: outsider, buffoon/clown, tramp, the rebel.


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